The Craftswomen

KERI PALBICKI from the US is the designer of the Unicorn blanket :

Hi there, my name is Keri and I would best describe myself as a wife, mommy, crocheter and creator! My inspiration comes from… can you guess? My two kiddos, Lily and Mason! Just like myself, I love dressing my children in “one of a kind” items that you don’t see at the big retail stores.

Let me tell you a little about Lily and Mason!

Lily (aka Silly Lily) is 6-years-old and is one of the smartest, funniest, caring, girly girls I have ever met. Though Lily is into fashion, she does not mind getting dirty in the mud playing with her little brother. She just does it in great style, i.e., in a tutu!

Mason (aka Lover Boy) is 3-years-old and can make you laugh in a heartbeat with his boyish antics. He adores his big sister, Lily, and has been obsessed with Superheroes of late. This little boy is one of the sweetest 3-year-olds I have ever met and acts beyond his tender years.

Lily and Mason are responsible for keeping me updated with trending children’s characters and designs! They both have a big impact on my creation process.

We hope you LOVE our creations!


SAM SHIELD from Jersey crocheted the unicorn blanket :

I produce a wide variety of crafts and artwork. All items are hand crafted by me in Jersey and are unique. These range from knitting, textile, tapestry, needle felt, polymer clay, pottery, jewellery, candles, silk painting.

I have been interested in all forms of art from a very young age and have actively participated in local craft fayres and various artistic events for years. My first tapestry was about the age of 9, I was knitting and making dolls clothes from the age of 10. I took up watercolour painting after university at evening class. I also took several pottery evening courses.

I get many of my ideas from books, magazines, other the internet, or from seeing an idea and adapting it. When I am on holiday I always have a notebook handy to sketch ideas for my return home.

I have an area at the Harbour Gallery in Jersey where I sell a range of my creations, as well as various on-line locations. You can find me at

SAMANTHA YEAP from Malaysia crocheted the owl blanket:

Hi, I’m Samantha Yeap, a mom to 2 young boys. I picked up knitting and crocheting about 3 decades ago, when i was still in my teens. I haven’t stopped playing with yarn, hooks and needles since then. Unlike other girls my age, i spent all of my free time at the local yarn store. There are just far too many types of yarn to explore and play with.

Fast forward to year 2003, the year my first child was born. He’s a quiet boy. So quiet that when i was at a routine check-up during my second pregnancy, the doctor observed that he may be a little special and referred me to a specialist to have him checked. He was diagnosed with autism at 3 years of age.

Getting my quiet boy to communicate with us was not easy. He’d rather play by himself, arranging his toys, cars, and blocks in single file all day long than speak with us. One day, he took a sudden interest in my colorful yarn balls. And thus, a whole new adventure began for us. It was through yarn play that i found ways to teach him, and get him to express his needs.

I crocheted letters of the alphabet for him. Knitted toys in his favorite colors. Crocheted heavy blankets for him to crawl under during a thunderstorm to calm himself down. Sometimes, he drew shapes and objects for me and i would make it for him. He opened up a lot and became a more willing learner. He is already 14 this year, and still requests items from me, especially those funny or weird characters in his favorite video games that we cant buy from anywhere.

As for my second child, he is now 11 years old and also my chief designer. He has designed many items that he proudly wears and takes to school. Occasionally, i do get phone calls from his friends’ parents asking me to crochet one-of-a-kind items for their kids!! So much fun!! If you would like to find out more about the things that i make, do head over to my facebook page at to check out my creations.

Thank you for your time. XOXOXOXO