VIGGO And His Special Blankie

This book is dedicated to my special boy, Umberto Rossi. Berti, no one can ever take the place of your mama, but know that I am always here for you, my darling boy. x

Viggo is a special child who sometimes finds the world overwhelming. This is the story about his journey inwards to the calm land beneath his special blankie to find a peaceful place to sit within himself.

A book about embracing emotional distress,

cultivating self-regulation,

and EMPOWERING children.

Written by Jacqueline Koay and illustrated by Oliver Eriksson, VIGGO AND HIS SPECIAL BLANKIE is a delightful book about teaching children to understand and manage their sometimes explosive, confusing emotions.

It also contains suggested activities for parents, teachers and caregivers to assist a child’s move towards long-term self-regulation, acceptance and peace.

This teaching is eschewed in ancient scriptures in the form of pratipaksha bhavana, where one discontinues negative ways of thinking through the practice of “cultivating the opposite.” The literal meaning of this Sanskrit term is “moving to the other side of the mansion”.

Note: Modern research in psychology confirms the efficacy of this modality, the concept of “outside-in” and the use of weighted blankets to treat many common anxiety-related disorders.

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